In working with dozens of companies over the years, it’s always been intriguing to see what drove seemingly rational individuals towards an incredibly high risk life of entrepreneurship. Most businesses were often started under-capitalized and without a proper business plan. In fact, often times, friends and family were not even highly supportive of the entrepreneurial endeavor. How does someone facing so much uncertainty persevere and continue? I think the key ingredient towards entrepreneurial drive comes down simply to passion.

An entrepreneur is someone that is able to come up with an idea that meets the needs of a customer. Then they are able to utilize whatever limited resources they have to creatively bring this idea to fruition. This journey is wrought with potholes and obstacles but passion is what moves the entrepreneur forward.

Some people are able to find employment that they are passionate about. They are the ones that truly followed the advice of “do what you love and the money will follow.” Others find passion through family, their church, volunteering or even a hobby.

Many of us are feeling somewhat adrift and trapped by our current situation. Stuck in a frustrating job that is not fulfilling or rewarding or unemployed but unable to make that first step towards entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur is one that takes action towards fulfilling their dreams. Someone that doesn’t take that first step is simply a dreamer. That tipping point of taking the first step is often what separates a dreamer from an entrepreneur and passion is often the key ingredient for a person to take that first step.