Idea Direct is a full service marketing agency based in Parkland, Florida. Our services were developed over the years based on the specific needs of our clients. From web site design to direct mail, our marketing agency can help you grow your business. 

Website Design & Hosting: Idea Direct can help your business achieve a professional image on the Internet. With more and more people turning to the web for researching businesses, having a well designed website can help enhance the brand image of your company and also generate new sales. Our skilled programmers and designers develop unique websites that match your company brand image and positioning. From basic informational sites to database driven e-commerce sites with streaming media, our programmers will create a site that you can be proud of. Equally important, all our web sites are designed using leading search optimization techniques that will help you achieve higher rankings on major search engines.




Search Engine Optimization: With the high cost of online advertising, improving your natural search rankings can be highly cost effective. Our experts utilize the latest methods to achieve higher rankings on all major search engines. We offer numerous packages to choose from to match any budget. The art of search optimization is constantly in flux and our experts stay current with leading techniques to help you maximize your search engine rankings and generate more leads.



Paid Search Management: Whether you are already utilizing paid search as part of your marketing mix or are interested in starting a campaign, Idea Direct can help you maximize your return on investment. Our experience shows that pay-per-click campaigns can be highly profitable if done properly. Let our experts guide you through the keyword selection process, campaign set-up and ongoing management. Our years of experience will help you save money without the high learning curve.



Graphic Design & Photography: We offer full design services including logo development, corporate identity, car decals, banner ads, print ads and anything that needs to be designed. We also offer photography services on site or product photography in our studio. Our graphic design and photography services are billed hourly with no minimums. All work completed by Idea Direct is work for hire and the source code and high resolution images are provided to clients upon request.



Database Development: Idea Direct is a certified Filemaker Pro database developer. Our company has developed numerous custom solutions for clients ranging from simple scheduling software to full-blown retail solutions that include inventory management, invoicing, reporting and purchasing. While most of our clients can be fully served by using off the shelf solutions such as Quickbooks Pro, several of our clients have unique business needs that required custom solutions tailored to their business. We are confident that we can create a solution for just about any need that will streamline your current method, save you time, increase data knowledge and simplify data entry.



Direct Mail & Co-op Mailing: Direct Mail is an extremely effective way of getting your branding message directly to your customer. However, it is also one of the most expensive methods of marketing. Let our years of experience help you create an effective mail piece and targeted audience. Our experience shows that direct mail can be extremely effective for most businesses and should be a part of your overall marketing mix. For businesses targeting other businesses, Idea Direct also offers a co-op mailing service called Idea Direct B2B that will let you reach business owners in a very cost effective manner.



Strategic Planning: One of the biggest differences between the corporate world and most small businesses is the process of strategic planning. At Idea Direct, we have developed a modified version of strategic planning that is ideally suited to small business owners. The process entails developing a mission statement, corporate values, strategic objectives and a comprehensive action plan. Our strategic planning process is meant to become ingrained in your corporate culture and provide guidance and clarity to help you grow your businesses. Strategic planning helps give the business a sense of purpose and direction. Without clear direction, businesses tend to stay disorganized and flounder.



Business & Marketing Plans: Most of the clients that we have worked with lack thorough, complete business and marketing plans. This is not due to the lack of awareness or even inability to create a plan. The simple fact is that most small business owners are wearing many hats and simply too busy running day-to-day operations to create a cohesive plan. Many times, plans are fairly generic and when completed, often sit on a shelf and gather dust. At Idea Direct, we carefully interview employees and study the business, as well as industry, to create a plan that is relevant and actionable. Our plans have been successful in helping many business obtain SBA loans and reinvigorate stagnant businesses.



Outsourced Marketing: We have noticed that many businesses realize they need to have a more cohesive marketing strategy and more time dedicated to managing aspects of marketing. Unfortunately, many business owners are busy putting out fires and managing cash flow issues and simply don’t have time to get an ad back on time or meet with a sales rep. They would love to hire a dedicated marketing manager to hand these tasks off to but their business can’t quite support hiring someone. Not to mention, the difficulty of hiring the right person, cost of benefits and withholding taxes.
Idea Direct has created a solution to help you manage your marketing needs that is both flexible and affordable. In addition, you can be assured that you are getting industry leading expertise in a variety of fields. Our agency in essence becomes your marketing department. You have total control of how much or how little marketing you need. Imagine having a super marketing manager that excels in graphic design, marketing plans, web development, programming, media plans, spreadsheets, negotiations and public relations.

There is no contracted time commitment and once your company grows we can even help you define the marketing role for your organization and assist you in hiring our replacement.