Obsession about technology and innovation are the heart and soul of the VoltNow brand. Advanced battery technologies, wireless induction charging capabilities and rapid charging batteries are some of the ways we help customers stay connected. We develop products that empower people to stay connected and be more productive. Imagine a world where battery capacity was so automatic and convenient that you never had battery anxiety. While processors get faster, software more capable and hardware more advanced, battery technology seems to be lagging. VoltNow wants to be part of the upcoming battery...

Sustain Wear

The journey that led to Sustain Wear began with a year long search for an extremely high quality fabric made from sustainable resources. In a world of disposable fast fashion, our sustainable philosophy begins with the development of high quality fashionable apparel that is meant to last for many years. Our commitment to the planet is at the core of our brand DNA. We scrutinize the materials, fabric making process, chemical usage, labor conditions, packaging and fulfillment to ensure that we are minimizing our impact on the planet while delighting customers.  

Edition of 1

Much like individuals, originality comes in many shapes and forms. Edition of 1 is a marketplace for all things original. Inspiring design and expression of individuality are the foundation of our brand. We are not interested in copies or mass production. We seek designers that pour their hearts and souls into individual creations and customers that are seeking meaningful one-of-a-kind designs. Edition of 1 offers uniquely designed art, jewelry, furniture and even haute couture fashion. Edition of 1 also encompasses personalization and DIY products, allowing customers to express their own individuality.